Piano Lessons in London

Piano Lessons in London

Welcome to Beyond Music, the home of some of the best music tutors in London.

Are you looking for piano lessons in London? Beyond Music is on a mission to source the best and most experienced piano teachers and give you access to the best piano lessons available in London.

Here on the Beyond Music website, you can search for piano tutors for free. You can contact as many tutors as you want. Whether you’re looking to pursue grades in piano or just learn for fun, we’ve got you covered.

Why take piano lessons?

The piano is one of the most versatile instruments that exist. It can be played as part of an ensemble, but has also enough richness to be played as a solo instrument.

The piano is the ultimate instrument when it comes to improving overall musicianship. Not only is it incredibly fun to finally nail your favourite piece and play it in front of your friends. It is also incredibly beneficial for your cognitive abilities. Studies show that children who play the piano are performing better at school.

And also, it’s a great instrument to accompany your understanding of other instruments. For example, a lot of people who study the violin are also taking piano lessons because of the increased understanding of music that it brings.

If you’re not sure about what instrument to learn, the piano is a great instrument to start with. And even though you will end up playing another instrument afterwards, the time you have spent on the piano is not wasted. There are so many benefits you can take with you and translate to another instrument.

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How do I book piano lessons in London?

That’s easy. Click here, then click on the search bars to select your instrument and your area. A list of tutors will come up, and then you simply contact the tutors that interest you. You can contact as many tutors as you’d like, free of charge.

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Check out some of our piano tutors:

Roxani Chatzidimitriou

Award-winning and experienced piano, music theory and composition tutor

Boguslawa Gniadek

Engaging and fun piano lessons for all ages

Rhiannon Hopkins

Experienced and friendly Piano and Singing teacher

Joao Alves

Experienced Teacher for Drum Kit, Percussion, Beginner Piano and Music theory

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