Our Mission

Our Mission

There is a huge learning potential in taking private music lessons. The potential learning benefits stretch beyond the field of music. It is these expanded benefits that form the core objective of Beyond Music.

Beyond Music has two main goals. Firstly, going through the process of learning how to play a musical instrument brings with it so much more than just being able to play that instrument. A lot of people are aware of this already: you train the acuteness of your hearing, sharpen your concentration, get used to being patient, develop your discipline etc. These are all well-known facts. But there are some benefits of learning music that can have a direct positive impact on how well you learn other subjects and that can help you use your mental capacities to the full extent. These benefits include visualisation skills, increased concentration, better memory and improved creative thinking. One of the two main aims of Beyond Music is to teach techniques and methods that our students can use to improve the speed, efficiency and quality in which they learn any other subject, and also an understanding of why they learn. We want our students to learn more in their life than they would have if they were not aware of these methods. We also aim to inspire our students to learn more about the world and to nurture their curiosity.

Some of these benefits are already acquired unconsciously as a result of learning how to play a musical instrument, but many of them cannot be applied to other subjects unless you are fully aware of them. We have taken this aspect of learning an instrument further and developed methods where we take full advantage of it. As well as learning how to play an instrument, you will learn how to learn.

Our other aim is dedicated to children (However, some adults can take advantage of this too). We aim to share with them a broad amount of new, interesting facts and ideas and to introduce topics to them that they normally would not hear about through school or people around them.

This knowledge can have a huge impact on the decisions they will make in their late youth when they are making some of life’s most important decisions: “What shall I spend the rest of my life pursuing? In which direction shall I go? What shall I study?” By introducing a range of new subjects and ideas to the children, we give them some background knowledge that will make this important choice easier. We want to help to burst the “student bubble” that the school system and our society unconsciously creates around young people and that forces them to be knowledgeable only about the things that take place inside that small bubble. When they become university students, they are supposed to choose a profession whose main activities take place outside the bubble and is for that reason still unknown to them. We cannot expect everyone to make a genuine decision about how to spend their adult life outside the bubble when they have only experienced what is inside it.

A lot of people are lucky and discover their one true passion early in life and stick to it. A more common scenario is when people make ultra-confident decisions about what direction to take in life based on the knowledge they have acquired from having spent the majority of their life inside this student bubble. When that bubble suddenly bursts and they get a taste of the real world, they change their mind. Then they realise that their first decision was based on a false belief about the world. This is what we aim to help future students to avoid.
We want to help them see what is beyond the “student bubble” early in their life so that they get a chance to make a truer choice the first time around. In other words, we are helping them stay in the know.

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