Friendly and versatile trumpet tutor in North London

About Me

I got interested in cornet from the age of 8 and soon took classes, I also played in a marching band (for 5 years) where I developed the ability to perform in ensemble setting. I began playing flute from the age of 15, and a year later had it as my main instrument in high school where I studied in the music division. In addition to the basic classes, we had to learn every aspect of being a musician. Composition, ear training leading choirs, performing as an ensemble etc. Having played flute for only a year my ability was poor for and I was unprepared for an exam. I had to pick up the pace very quickly. Through helpful guidance and strong learning methods, I went form a level 1 to 4 (Norwegian grading) in less than 6 months. During the three years I also began training as a singer.

I graduated from high school. I went to folk high school (Romerike Folkehogskole). I took the Music and Theatre course and decided to continue within that field. Romerike folk high school co-operates with Rose Bruford College (one of the top drama conservatoires in London) and therefore got to audition for free. I got accepted in 2016 and graduated in June 2019 with a BA (HONS) in Actor Musicianship. Through the course of my training I learned how to improvise within different genres, we had workshops with top musicians from around the world. We had projects where we had to learn songs within a couple of hours, ready to add choreography to it the same day. I started off as a flutist and a trumpeter, with basic piano skills, I then started picking up the baritone horn (Bb).


Teaching style

Throughout the years I’ve explored different teaching methods, and I like experimenting with them. I love learning new things and am constantly exploring different fields. I would like to pass the things I learn onto others. 

I’ve been a teacher for three years, teaching instruments and singing, and have lead theatre workshops with children from different backgrounds and all ages. Because of my acting and music background I’ve learned practical and fun ways to teach new things and am quick at improvising if something doesn’t work.

I’m very patient and I like adapting to my students’ needs. I also divide the class into sections, then add them together. I divide my music lessons into fingering techniques, theory, sight reading, rhythms, improv and ensemble. For language: grammar, pronunciation, sight reading, and verbal and written conversation. 

Doing them separately, I get to see their strength, and areas that can improve and needs more repetition. In addition to that we keep everything active and constantly working so that the student becomes independent and won’t need any help to achieve their goal.

Please let me know if you have any enquiries.

Hope to speak with you soon!


🏫 Rose Bruford College

BA (HONS) Actor Musicianship

🏫 Romerike Folk High School

Music and Theatre

🏫 The Open University

Teaching secondary modern foreign languages