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Face-To-Face Lessons

Learn any instrument or take singing lessons, without the hassle of leaving the comforts of your own home. We are a Bespoke Music Tutoring service based in London. We will find you the perfect tutor based on your requirements. We have tutors suitable for students of all ages.


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Online lessons

As well as offering traditional face to face lessons in your home, we also offer online lessons for a lower price than our normal lessons (via skype or google hangouts). Perfect if you are on a budget and flexible enough to fit into your schedule, no matter what time of the day. Taking online music lessons is a fun, interactive and highly rewarding way of learning an instrument. 


The duration of the lessons are completely subjective and depends on the attention span and personality of each student. Below is a general guide that draws on our experience and what tends to be the best choice for most people.

30-minute lessons: This is a good lesson length for young beginners (ages 3-6). Most young children can only stay focused on one task for 30 minutes at a time.

45-minute lessons: This is the best option for slightly older children (ages 7-12) or for adults who wish to have slightly shorter sessions.

60-minute lessons: Best suited for adults and children above 12 years old. Younger children who are more experienced with their instrument often needs longer sessions as well in order to progress properly.



30 Minutes / £35

45 Minutes / £40

60 Minutes / £45

Online Lessons:

30 Minutes / £25

45 Minutes / £30

60 Minutes / £35

Lesson Packages: Buy in bulk and get a lower price per lesson. Available for both regular and online lessons.

Free Trial Lesson If you are booking with us for the first time, we will give you a free 30 min trial lesson. Just to ensure you are happy with your tutor.

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Accelerated Learning

As well as being experts in music, we are also learning experts who know how the brain acquire new skills. We teach you the secrets to how you can progress really quickly. One of the main reasons for a lack of progress is a lack of practice. That is why we focus a lot on techniques and methods that will help our students with this aspect.

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 Tailored Lessons

We recognise that everyone learns in their own individual way. What makes us unique is that our tutors take great care in getting to know their students’ personality, interests, and what motivates them. They will then tailor the methods they use to suit that particular student. 


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Advice - for FREE!

If you are new to music, it can be a confusing world to get your head around. But don’t worry! Unlike many other tutoring services, you are entitled to receive FREE advice on anything you need for the whole duration you are with us. We can advice you on what instrument to buy, help you find the best instructional material etc. 

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Our Tutors

We are proud to have a dedicated team of brilliant and friendly tutors who love what they do and always go the extra mile for their students. They guide their students through the recognised industry model that all great musicians go through and make sure this is a fun and fulfilling process. Our tutors will keep a keen eye on their students' development to ensure that they are always heading in the right direction.

Our tutors have trained at prestigious institutions such as Guildhall, Rose Bruford College, LIPA and Royal College of Music. As well as having years of experience performing in concerts, West End performances and orchestras, they also have loads of teaching experience.

Book a lesson with us today, and we will find your perfect tutor based on your requirements.

Meet some of Our Tutors

Chris Cauduro

Singing and Guitar

Chris studied singing at Berklee College of Music where he graduated in vocal performance and songwriting. He has experience teaching both adults and children. As a tutor, he is very accommodating, patient and skilled.

Saya Zahawi

Trumpet, Flute and Horn

Saya is currently in her last year at Rose Bruford College where she is studying Actor-Musicianship. She is a lovely person and very passionate about both teaching and playing. She started playing from a young age and is a very talented musician.


Harry Cooper

 Bass, Guitar, Piano and Ukulele

Harry is a graduate from the BA Actor-Musician programme run by GSA at the University of Surrey. His teaching style is flexible to the needs of each student. He also puts a strong emphasis on the ideas of presentation and “play”, empowering each student with the confidence to enjoy performing in front of other people.


Paolo Coruzzi

 Guitar and Singing

Paolo is a fantastic guitar and singing tutor and a very likeable person. He started his career in 1992 as a songwriter, composer and stage director. Since then he has composed, produced and released sixteen official albums, soundtracks for theatre productions, and songs for other artists.

Tom Bauling


Tom is a guitar tutor with over 15 years experience of playing and performing. His main interest and focus is in the developing of finger-style guitar pieces, but he also plays other genres like blues, jazz, country, and pop. He is a firm believer in positive reinforcement and prides himself in recognising and rewarding improvement.

What We Include:

There are some extra items that are part of our success. For the duration you are with us and at no extra costs, you will receive:
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